An ideal amusement park for children but also for adults, where you will find the characters of the most famous cartoons and fairy tales international, with fun and games from live.

Italy in miniature

The theme park where you can enjoy the art and culture of the most beautiful Italian cities carried over faithfully to scale. Adults and children can take an imaginary journey among the beauties of the Italian historical to the discovery of monuments the symbols of Italy in the world. For all those who do not want to give up the adrenaline there are many breathtaking attractions.


The biggest amusement park of Italy, with endless attraction to have fun on the rides reckless living amazing experiences, also many shows of various kinds to entertain adults and children alike, for an unforgettable day of laughter and excitement.

The aquarium of Cattolica

The Cattolica aquarium is a theme park located in Cattolica, where you can enjoy the sea in all its forms. Several tanks and aquariums will discover forms of life never before known, and approach adults and children to the magical underwater world.


Aquafan is the water park in Riccione, located on riccione's hills it is a valid alternative to the sea, offering beautiful pools and water games of all kinds.


Nature, plant and animal life, interactive activities, and direct participation in many activities dream: here is Oltremare, the park full of experiences that will leave an indelible memory! Get to know dolphins, alligators, birds of prey and seahorses is indeed possible, thanks to the team of experts and professionals that will guide you in these wonderful activities. Even your dog can be the protagonist. Ask for information and bring it with you to experience together the fun and useful sessions for dog education proposals from the park!

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