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Granfondo of the sharks in Cattolica

In the spring months, usually in may, is held in the Catholic a beautiful cycling event, the Granfondo of the Sharks. The event part from the Catholic, tap places such as Gradara and Urbino and, finally, to Gabicce Monte. You can choose between two paths, short and long, according to the degree of experience that you have.

The two paths

The locations to which you can participate are two of them, the short path and the long path. The short path runs for 80 km, has a vertical drop of 1250 meters and the most important climbs are one of Saludecio and of the Overview of San Bartolo, The long path instead runs 145 km, has a vertical drop of 2400 meters and the most important climbs are the one of Monte Altavelio - Osteriacccia, Urbino, Belvedere Fogliense, and Overview of San Bartolo. Both tours depart from the Aquarium of Cattolica, and arrived in Morciano di Romagna, Ponte Red split to go in two different directions, in fact, the long path continues keeping to the right in the direction of Morciano di Romagna and Mercatino Conca, while the short path, turn left towards Morciano di Romagna and Saludecio.

Useful information

The event is open to all cycling Amateurs of both sexes, members ACSI, FCI, and Sports Promotion Bodies recognized by the council and cyclists in good standing with foreign membership of the federation of the year of participation. Can also participate all athletes, Italian and foreign, which will be issued by the organizing body, the so-called “daily card” with an extra cost. All must present a medical certificate of fitness to the agonistic activity and to register you need to fill the form present on the official website.

Pasta Party and Awards ceremony

Will be served at the local restaurant the Blue Fish to the pasta party with fish, grilled blue fish and local piadina bread. The award ceremony will take place in the space inside ofthe Aquarium and will be well rewarded, both for the short route for the long path, the first 3 classified of each category. Prizes must be picked up only at the time of the awards ceremony. Also will be awarded to the 10 companies with the largest number of members.

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