Discover the hinterland

The hinterland of romagna is a land rich in history, natural beauty and many trails for athletes of all types. Find out what to do at a Catholic and as a complement to your holiday at residence hotel Madison.


it is a medieval village located between the valleys of the Conca and the Foglia. Montegridolfo lies on the border between the Marche and Romagna, and was disputed by the Malatesta, Montefeltro, Borgia, Venetians and the Church. Today it is one of the most charming villages of the hinterland of romagna, which welcomes Italian and foreign visitors from all over the world. Among the narrow streets of the village you can find typical restaurants of typical local cuisine and craftsmen's really features.


It is a medieval town surrounded by a wall that rises on a spur of rock overlooking the valley of the Marecchia river and bordering San Marino. Its maximum splendour was reached during the rule of the Malatesta, and still today you can admire the beauty of a time. Walking through the narrow streets of the village you can admire the old houses, the views of nature between the walls and breathe the characteristic atmosphere of a medieval town, famous throughout the world.

San Leo

It is a beautiful village perched on a huge boulder. Here stood the impregnable fortress of the XV century that has remained completely intact until today and is visited by numerous tourists from Italy and from abroad. San Leo is located 30 km from the Adriatic coast thanks to its privileged position it offers a splendid panorama over the coast and the surrounding valleys, giving unforgettable memories to all visitors.

The Castle of Gradara

Gradara is a fortified town that is home to a beautiful castle of the XIV century. The location of this picturesque resort is really charming and the gift of a breathtaking landscape of the entire valley. Known for the romantic love story of Paolo and Francesca, which Dante spoke in the divine comedy. Gradara offers an enchanting medieval setting, that offers hosts numerous cultural events and folkloristicche.

San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is one of the oldest and smallest of the terrestrial globe. The old town offers ancient streets, walls, towers and impressive views, interspersed with many souvenir shops. In San Marino you can live throughout the year numerous events in costumes of the period. All shopping lovers will get lost among the many craft shops in the streets of the historic centre that offer local products and souvenirs of every kind.

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